Tue, Sep

Families of fallen Afghan soldiers receive apartments


The families of certain fallen Afghan soldiers received apartments as President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani announced a major scheme to hand over more apartments to families of fallen security forces members in the next three years.

President Ghani handed over the keys of apartments to the families of 14 soldiers who lost their lives.
The apartment keys were handed over during a ceremony organized to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers.
In his speech during the ceremony, President Ghani promised to prioritize the fallen security forces’ families in the housing scheme in coming three years.
He said more reforms have been implemented in the security institutions in the past two years, calling corruption one of the key factors in increase of security forces casualties.
Ruling out discrimination among the security personnel, President Ghani said the soldiers wearing the security forces uniform are all one Afghan.
In other parts of his speech, President Ghani warned the ill-wishers of the country and said they should not miscalculated Afghanistan, emphasizing that the last year’s fighting season showed that Afghanistan was turned into their graveyard.