Wed, Sep

Mostafavi stresses on Ulema, media role in counter corruption


High counter corruption authority held awareness program yesterday in MoIC in connection with counter corruption.

In the program, advisor to high counter corruption authority, Ahrar asserted that corruption in the country has expanded and the authority has signed memorandums of understanding with ministries of information and culture and hajj; therefore, the two ministries were playing role in awareness of their staffs and the people in connection with the corruption.
He said that the two ministries could play key role in awareness of the people through mass media and mosques’ imams related to counter corruption.
In the program, deputy minister of publication affairs for information and culture Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi asserted that implementation of the MoU between MoIC and high counter corruption authority was one of principle tasks of the deputy ministry of publications. In her speech, Mostafavi stressed on role of religious ulema and media in counter corruption, asserting that media through mass media instruments and religious ulema through mosques could aware the people of corruption.