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Minister of Finance meets the (5+3+3) Donor Ambassadors


Eklil Hakimi, the Minister of finance met with (5+3+3) donor ambassadors in his office on 8 Jan 2017.

They discussed regarding revenue increment for 2016, the progress made on the SMAF commitments for 2015-2016 over 30 government commitments, action plans for the Self-Reliance for Mutual Accountability Framework (SMAF), commitments implementation plan for (2017-2018) and formulating and presenting the 2017 financial budget to be approved by the Afghan Parliament.
Farid Hameedi, the Afghanistan Attorney General, provided detailed information about overall activities and the progress made by Anti Corruption Justice Center (ACJC).
The ambassadors and donors expressed their support for applying the government commitments and strengthening the ACJC.
5+3+3 is a group of countries that provide their support to Afghanistan. The 5 countries are America, England, Japan, Germany and the European Union. Canada, Australia and Denmark (That is unstable) are included in 3 and the rest 3 includes the UNOMA, World Bank and Asian Development Bank.