Tue, Sep

27 insurgents killed and wounded


During the past 24 hour, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces conducted joined offensive operations in order to protect lives and properties of people also defeating the insurgents in different parts of the country that as a result, 14 insurgents killed including their commander and 13 others wounded.

This joined operation of the Defense Security Forces was held by supporting of the artillery and air forces in Kapisa , Nangarhar , Urozgan , Kandahar , Kundoz and Helmand provinces. During these operations, in Dehrawod district of Urozgan province near Polaman area, 5 insurgents including their leader (mullah Ghafar) killed and 7 others wounded, as a result of cleaning operation in Nakhoni area of Qandahar, a Depot of combat equipment was seized by operation forces. Similarly, during cleaning operation in Sangeen district of Helmand province, 6 insurgents killed and 5 others wounded, also, 3 insurgents killed and 1 wounded in Garmser district of Helmand province. Afghan National Army as nation’s defense force is ready to give sacrifice to ensure peace and security for people and has strong determination to eliminate terror groups.