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$55.8 million electricity supply contracts signed for Logar, Paktia and Khost


Contracts worth $55.8 million for the electricity supply to Logar, Paktia, and Khost provinces were signed in the presence of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

agreementThe Office of the President, ARG Palace, said the contracts were signed between Jaguar and Angelique International and the State power supply company, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS).
DABS Chief Qudratullah Delawari said the contracts will be funded by the Asian Development Bank on a non-refundable grant basis.
Delawari further added that the contract will be completed within the next two years when the 500 kv Central Asia electricity project completes.
He said the contract will help achieve DABS’s plans for the supply of electricity in the near and far provinces of the country.
According to Delawari, the completion of the project will help supply of electricity to 13,000 consumers in Pul-e-Alam city of Logar, while 18,500 consumers will receive electricity in Paktia and 13,000 consumers will benefit in Khost province.
In his turn, the Asian Development Bank representative said they are proud to assist Afghanistan in supply of electricity and added that the bank remains committed to support the country in electricity supply and other infrastructure projects.
Reaffirming ABD’s continued support to Afghanistan, he said the completion of the mentioned project will help further boost development and creation of jobs for the residents of Logar, Paktia, and Khost provinces.