Mon, Sep

ANDSF Operations Naish Destroy Dream of Insurgents


Hundreds of criminal insurgents have attacked Naish district in Kandahar province several days, dreaming to take the control of the district. However, they failed to estimate the resolve and capabilities of the ANDSF who destroyed their dream and neutralized many in their wake.

Security officials in Kandahar explained these criminals had plans to seize Naish district and attempt to move forward to other districts but ran into determined ANDSF who inflicted more than a hundred casualties on the attackers of peace and prosperity.
According to security officials from the 205 Hero Corps, in the last 10 days, 75 insurgents have been killed and 45 others were injured in the operations by ANDSF in Naish, Shwalikot and other districts of Kandahar where ANDSF destroyed their hiding places.
205 Hero Corps Commander, Major General Dawood Shah Wafadar said the criminals failed to seize Naish district due to the combined efforts of the Air Force, Commandos, ANA, ANP and others, all of whom collaborated on destroying the attackers, while making special efforts to protect the people. The capabilities demonstrated by the ANDSF during this operation and the results on the battlefield should send a message to any group deciding to accost our people and our nation.