Tue, Sep

One army, the same pain


The Afghan National Army is united and always celebrating their victory together and when there is pain so that is hurting all of them.

The officials of 205 Hero corps offer prayers to the martyrs of Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan army’s hospital attack and they mentioned that for Afghan national army every enemy is the same, even if it’s Taliban, ISIS, Haqani or any other network. They said that insurgents have no power anymore to fight face to face with ANDSF so they are only killing innocents in their houses or they are going to hospital and killing people there to show their power to the government.
The 205 Hero Corps commander General Dawood Shah Wafadar said to Sada-e-Azadi that Afghan national army will never allow these enemies and they will get the revenge of their hospital. He said, “The door of peace is always opened for those Taliban that are Afghan and want peace. They come and join peace and save their life if not they should make graves for their selves because the Afghan national army will not leave them alive in any corner of Afghanistan.”