Mon, Sep

Water pumps for the poor farmers


Kandahar police chief, General Abdul Raziq Asakzai is going to make nearly 300 water pumps to those farmers in Dand and Daman districts that has no water source and faced with water problems in their farming.

He asked the people in these districts to grow vegetable in these districts so we not order these from Pakistan and have it inside the country.

The police chief’s spokesman, Zia Durrani said to Sada-e-Azadi that police chief planned to make these water pumps because he is creating jobs for the people through this and also he is encouraging farmers to have Halal products on their lands and not have Harm plants in these lands.
This is not first time that Kandahar police chief, General Abdul Raziq is helping local people. General Raziq is always helping people not only by saving their lives but providing his support for having beautiful and peaceful life.