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“A Country to Build” Part Three: President Ghani’s interview with Time Magazine


President Ghani’s reply to Time Magazine on how much input his government has had in the Trump administration’s review of America’s Afghan policy.

ashraf ghani

Input has been two-fold. We prepared a four year plan. It was completely driven by me, and by my colleagues, our national security council has agreed on it. Then we shared it ... We have been very lucky. It’s probably very rare in history to have so many top security officials be the friends of Afghanistan.

TIME: In the US?

In the U.S. General Votel [commander of U.S. Central Command], General Scapparatti [NATO’s top military commander], General Dunford, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Thomas [Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command], and of course General McMaster as U.S. National Security Adviser, and Secretary Mattis, the former General Mattis, among the first people to have landed in Kandahar. So we know people who know us intimately. The conversation has been enormously productive.