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“A Country to Build” Part Four: President Ghani’s interview with Time Magazine


President Ghani on the dropping of the so-called Mother of All Bombs on ISIS fighters in eastern Afghanistan in April, a mission that Trump called “very successful” but which Ghani’s envoy to Pakistan, Omar Zakhilwal, condemned as “reprehensible and counterproductive


ashraf ghani

On what the bomb achieved

It destroyed a very significant group of Daesh leaders … They were attempting to use caves that had been dug up during the Soviet period, and then their attempt was on Tora Bora [the cave complex in eastern Afghanistan and former Taliban stronghold where Bin Laden fled in the wake of the U.S.-led invasion of the country in 2001]. Tora Bora was a symbolic thing. All of this has been put to an end.

On whether there had been any civilian casualties

No. Whenever there have been civilian casualties, the local people have come absolutely forward ... I had all the leaders [visit], about 400 people, not a single person raised the question of civilian casualties.