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New Transformer increases reliable electricity in Jalalabad


Electricity is like soul for convenient life and essential energy for development of all sectors in the country.


2 Newly installed transformer

Da Breshna Sharkat activated a third transformer worth 5 million US Dollars in Nangarhar’s capital Jalalabad city.

According to officials, installation of the new transformer provided 40 megawatts of stable electricity transferred from the Naghlo power dam, which means that about 16 thousand families in Jalalabad city can get electricity from it.

Provincial Governor of Nangarhar Mohammad Gulab Mangal congratulated activation of the new transformer to the residents of Jalalabad city and stated that the new transformer will bring 75 percent decrease in power loss.

Governor Mangal told also shared that they will look into transferring 220 more megawatts of electricity from the Naghlo dam soon. He added, “By transferring 220 megawatts of more electricity to Nangarhar, all families in Jalabad city and the nearby districts will receive electricity.”

He also visited Daronta Power Dam and observed the repairing process of damaged turbines there. Governor Mangal rewarded the technical staff of Breshna Sharkat with cash money for their hard efforts in provision of electricity to the people of Jalalabad city.

Israrullah Murad, a member of the Nangarhar Provincial Council, praised the efforts of the provincial governor and Breshna Sharkat for solving the problems of the people related to electricity.

He added, “During the month of Ramdan, people were deprived of electricity for hours due to increase usage of power. This problem was solved and it is due to serious efforts of our respected officials.”

Eng. Mohammad Nasar Quraishi, Head of Nangarhar Breshna Sharkat announced: “In the near future, repairing work of damaged turbines in Daronta Power Dam will be complete and this step will also help to increase electricity in Jalalabad.”

Other residents of Nangarhar also shared their appreciation for the government and Breshna Sharkat for the valuable step in increasing electricity. A shopkeeper from the 1st PD, Ajmal Halim, shared that:  “due to the absence of electricity we were taking baths several times in these hot days. Children were getting sick. There was a lack of ice in the bazaar. Life was hard. Now, there is no absence of electricity. A lot of our problems solved now.”