Mon, Sep

Reconstruction projects improve lives in Herat


A number of Herat residents said reconstruction projects have a positive impact on their life situation.

Herat reconstruction


They say with the launch of welfare projects in the city and district, working conditions for hundreds of local residents is provided. Herat residents appreciate the government and said that Implementation of these projects should be increased.

Also the Rural Development Administration officials in Herat say in this Year 22 infrastructure projects will be built in six districts of the Herat province.

These projects include school construction, refrigeration for agricultural produce, construction of roads and power projects and water.

The projects of the program will be launched Covenant citizenship.

Also The Herat governor's spokesman said the project will be monitored.

He added that this project will be built quality.

In the last year 895 projects of National Solidarity Program was inaugurated in Herat province.