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170 Taliban killed and 30 wounded during the operation in Marja district


The officials during a press conference in Lashkar Gah said 170 Taliban including their commanders killed and 30 wounded by the Afghan and resolute support air force.

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Gen-Wali Mohammad Ahmadzia the commander of 215 Maiwand corps said the operation in Marjah due to replacing the previous force and placing new force has done successfully.

The Afghan security forces have not suffered casualty during this operation and instead they had a very good achievement.

Helmand governor Hayatullah Hayat said the real aim of the operation was capturing more places from the Taliban and bringing good local governance. Taliban have destroyed the lives of the locals there he believes.

Hayat said the operation has not been stopped, it is continuing but the previous forces have been sent to Shorabak due to relaxation.

Lieutenant general Mohammad Yasin the chief of Helmand NDS believes that the Afghan security forces can target Insurgents anywhere in the province.