Mon, Sep

Security Forces Vanquish Taliban Operations


Taliban propagandists loudly announced the militants would conducts operations against the ANDSF,

Zabul anti insurgent operations


Yet since their announcement, it seems they did not account for the capability and resolute determination of the ANDSF to protect their people from the evil machinations of our national enemy. Across our nation, with the ability to pursue and engage the militant group, who are nothing more than criminals involved in narcotics, kidnapping and smuggling, the ANDSF have turned the words of the propagandists to smoke in the wind.

Zabul security officials explained despite all the noise made by the Taliban, the steady march of our national defenders have moved forward into the farthest reaches of our county to eliminate those who wish to keep us in ignorance and prevent the development of our local economy.

Colonel Ghulam Jilani Farahi, the Deputy Police Chief of Zabul province, said, “Insurgents launch attacks against ANDSF checkpoints, because they want to keep mistreat the local people. So, ANDSF defense of checkpoints, counter attacks, raids and ambushes are having success and over the past months we have killed many of their fighters, including a high ranking Taliban commander.”

Colonel Farahi explained all people should use caution if operations are conducted in their area and be very cautious about Taliban IEDs which they leave scattered for innocents rather than facing the ANDSF. “They are without honor and plant IEDs on the roads, which cause danger to our people. No one should hesitate to call to report IEDs or criminality in their area.”

According to Col. Farahi, NATO and Afghan Air Force have successfully struck Taliban targets in the province with great effectiveness, which the ground forces then capitalize on. This is a capability the enemy has not had to deal with on such a scale as in the past years.

ANDSF operations are continuing across Zabul province, including Shahjoy and other districts, in an effort to enable the further expansion of development projects across the provinces, likes parks, roads, school and a new Tribal Affairs Department building.