Wed, Sep

Cricket tournament started in Lashkar Gah


A night cricket tournament began in Lashkar Gah with 19 teams competing for the tournament trophy.

HLM Cricket Tournament

Since all the participants observe Ramazan and the weather is very hot, Mohammad Nabi, one of the organizers of this tournament said the aim was to encourage youth to take an interest in sports and night cricket was brought to Helmand.

Mr. Nabi said, “After people break their fast and pray, cricket was a wonderful way to entertain people in positive way at night.” He also thanked some local businessmen for financially supporting the tournament and donating petrol to run the generators for the lights at the stadium.

Ranginkhan Daftani, the head of Helmand Football Federation, said, “It is unfortunate that people think Helmand is only a place of fighting, because it is not. There so many positive aspects of daily life and the night cricket tournament is a great example to show people Helmand has man positive things happening. We are happy to show the world a different side to life here.” He also expressed his excitement for the beginning of a football tournament that will begin after Ramazan, also showcasing positive events taking place in the province.

Helmand Provincial Governor Hayatullah Hayat said these events are a great for the youth and looks forward to the upcoming provincial sporting events. The Governor said, “The ANDSF are doing their best to maintain security during the holy month of Ramadan and thereafter so the people can enjoy a peaceful life and life a life of opportunities.”

Mohammad Ali, a Helmand resident who attended the cricket tournament, said, “This is an excellent idea and very enjoyable to watch cricket during the night. I hope after Ramazan, we can once again enjoy the football as well.”

Throughout the spectators, many voices thanked the ANDSF for providing security and allowing them to enjoy watching their favourite teams. We have many positive things to be praised across the nation and it all begins with the dedication of our ANDSF protecting us.