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Khogiani tribe is united against enemies of Afghanistan


People and security forces are united in ensuring security nationwide. Local support gives strength and moral to the security forces engaged in fighting against terrorist groups.

Khogiani tribe support


Hundreds of people of Khogiani tribe living in Hesarak, Pachiragam, Shirzad and Khogiani districts of the eastern Nangarhar province came together to declare their support toward government in fighting against the enemies of peace and tranquility in the country.

A tribal elder from Khogiani district Hajji Aman Khairee described goal of the gathering to reassure they are standing stile with their security forces and government in security improvement and reconstruction of the country.

He stated, “The enemies of Afghanistan have been disappointed to break unity among the tribes. They know they will not be successful in achieving their sinister goals until the people are united.”

Hajji Khairee added that elders and people promised in this gathering that they will not give place to the enemies of Afghanistan in their area. He said, “It is our responsibility to defend our lives, modesty and possessions by sacrificing our souls. We will stand against ISIS and other militant groups when they pose threat to our people.”

Tribal elder Shahzaman participating in the gathering emphasized that if we are not united we will be soft target for the enemies of humanity. He added, “Militants’ intrusion to our area can be prevented when we are standing against them and supporting our Islamic government.”

Civil society’s activist Aziz Khogianay stated that destruction, killing innocents and deteriorating security is characteristic of the terrorists. “Daesh, Taliban and other terrorists don’t have difference for us if they kill us and destroy our country.  Inshallah, our youths, elders, men and women will not let anyone to come to our villages and harm us. Everyone understood that there is goodness in unity. Unity can make us stronger.”

Noor Wali a resident of Pachir Agam district participating in the gathering called upon militant groups to obey the teachings of Holly Islam and stop harming the innocent people.

He remarked, “If they want to go to Jannah (heaven), it is not the right path to fight against the Islamic government of Afghanistan and harm innocent people. They should serve for people. It has been proven, if they intended to harm us, we are united against them and will face harsh response of ANDSF and people.”