Tue, Sep

Khost agriculture gets a boost from the government with 150 new green houses


Officials of CARD-F program said that for the development of agriculture they started to build 150 green houses in Khost, 100 of which have already been completed.



khost green house



En Safiullah Karimzai, manager of the CARD F Green house program, said one million dollars have been invested in the green houses and 30% of that will go to help farmers. Karimzai said each day about 200 tons of local vegetables are now offered to the Market. The produce costs less and is fresher.


He added that besides the construction of the green houses, the program also trains farmers and shows them how to prevent crop disease. He said the program has been successful so far and Khost locals are very interested in building more. He added that 600 more farmers requested green houses.


The owners of the green houses are very happy and stated that before this, they had no experience for the cultivation of the vegetables. They spent more and got less, but now that they have experience, they spend less and get more.