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A group of Taliban militants joined peace process in Kunduz


In a hopeful moment, positive changes occurred in the minds of some Afghans who were misled or brainwashed by insurgents and this group of former Taliban now vow to work in support of the country and give up their disruptive actions. Those actions included destroying roads, culverts, schools, clinics, and bombing public places, and fighting the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) who are our blood Muslim brothers.

Taliban join reconcilation FMT BGLKunduz North




“Three months ago, I was sent to train to become an insurgent” shared one of the group members, a 24-year old who newly joined the peace process in Kunduz. “We were encouraged to destroy all those things the government built in Afghanistan like roads, dams, and schools. We were told to kill governmental employees either military or civilian.” He added that he was shocked when he realized the insurgents were only looking out for their own interests, not what was right for Afghanistan. “It was then that I realized that they use us and want to keep Afghanistan from progress.”


The young man gave up the Taliban side after he realized the truth that insurgents use Afghanistan’s children against their own brothers, and that they only aim to fulfill their mislead dreams and prevent Afghanistan from progress. The young man returned to his village and told them what he learned. Those locals praised his bravery and vowed to stand at his side.


Not only did the young man’s village support him, but his commander Mullah Safar Mohammad praised his code of conduct and joined him in the reconciliation program. “This boy taught us so much. He is right that no Taliban militants are free to talk or do an action other than what they are ordered to take part in to destruct the motherland,” said Safar. “They are like slave groups who follow the orders of those bosses who want destruction and bloodshed in Afghanistan. Jihad is only in name. I am regretful of committing such sinful actions being on side of them. I want to show compassion in joining the peace process.”