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Panjwai District of Kandahar is a Success Story of Peace


Panjwai was once the worst security district in Kandahar but thanks to cooperation between locals and security forces, it’s now a peaceful community for residents.

Panjwai Hazrat Wali



The people of Panjwai now have a peaceful life and they are not giving any chance to any terrorist to stay in Panjwai. Before, thousands of people in Panjwai were living in very hard times and were not even able to go to their gardens to work because Taliban had planted mines. However, today Panjwai is peaceful and thousands of people are living in peace and supporting the legitimate Afghanistan government. Police in the district say they have good security and it’s because of cooperation of the locals.


Mosa Jan, a resident of Panjwai, said that during the Taliban rule the locals had gardens but they were not able to go there because of the planted mines. He said the locals were not able to ask Taliban anything because they would kill people. However, after the huge ANDSF operation in this district, the people came together and said that the killing in this district should come to an end and they started supporting and helping the police, and according to him, now Panjwia is peaceful.


“The good behavior and cooperation with the people gave the best result in Panjwai, and now the people in this district are living in peace,” Hazrat Wali, commander for Panjwai district told Sada-e-Azadi. He explained that people are informing the police when they see any unusual person in this district. He asked the people of Afghanistan to support their security forces and stand with them against the insurgents to help create peace.


Commander Wali shared that:


“Many mines had been planted to target the police in this district but our police found them and defused them after getting information from the local people. We did nothing but cooperated with people and they helped us in clearing the Panjwai and now we are living in peace. When Panjwai had problem, there were security problems in all of Kandahar, but now that Panjwai is peaceful, there is peace across Kandahar.”


The police in this district say that they behave like a friend with the people and the people trust them. Many tribe leaders are sending their children to join the police, the head of police recruitment said. He said that the tribe leaders want to introduce their son to the police and start helping the country with good security. The people of this district feel that this government belongs to the people and people should protect it and not allow the enemy to destroy our peaceful life in this country.