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Improving the leaders of the National Police


There is strong belief that leadership development of National Police is a vitally important step in law enforcement and ensuring security. The Ministry of Interior takes this issue very seriously and it is priority of the ministry to continue capacity building program in order to improve professionalism at every level of National Police, especially in leadership level.

NGR Police Chief


Sada-e-Azadi sat down with Nangarhar Police Chief Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahimi to chat about leadership of the ANP in Nangarhar province.

What are the current efforts for upgrading of leadership professionalism in the cues of ANP?

Gen. Rahimi: ANP leadership development is a vitally important issue for public security, prevention of crime, reinforcement of law, and strengthening unity among people and security forces. Due to the well-organized plans of the Ministry of Interior, police professionalism, especially at the leadership level, has been enhanced and continues to be developed. I am very impressed by the performances of many ANP leaders here. They perform their jobs professionally and honestly.

What efforts are made to identify and select new candidates for leadership positions?

Gen. Rahimi: We need to pay attention to rewarding those leaders and personnel of ANDSF doing their jobs outstandingly. Those who still perform their jobs below satisfaction level should be replaced. We followed this process and got remarkably better impacts in development of leadership of ANP. We also have a punishment factor too. Those who misuse their position will be introduced to justice systems. I myself am very serious in leadership development. Since, I have been deployed to Nangarhar, I observed different leadership positions’ performances in order to make decision for the faults and strengthen the skills of leadership.

What training programs are implemented for enhancing capacities of leadership?

Gen. Rahimi: The International Community and Ministry of Interior together conducted special courses in Kabul and in provinces for professionalism improvement of leadership. There is a prestigious Police Academy in Kabul, a Staff College, and police academies in different provinces. In Nangarhar, there is the Gen. Zarawar Zahid Police Training Academy operating for the past several years and providing thousands of professional cadres to the ranks of national police. In addition, special training programs are conducted by the support of the International Community. Professional training is ongoing for ANP personnel. They are trained at every level while performing their jobs.

How do you observe the current leadership of ANP?

Gen. Rahimi: Police leadership is improving now in Nangarhar. We have skilled and professional leadership in the ranks of police. We are taking serious efforts for more improvement of leadership through conducting professional trainings, performance assessments, motivations and replacements.