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Operation conducted for clearing Nawah district


A large clearance operation conducted by the ANSF, and supported by International Forces, to clear the areas in Nawah district of Helmand province is advancing, according to Colonel Ghulam Wali Afghan, Commander of 3rd battalion of Border Police.

Nawah operation




The Colonel said, “We have successfully cleared numerous villages, killed several prominent Taliban commanders and we are committed to provide a safe living environment for our people, not only in Nawah district, in other districts as well.”


General Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai, the 215th Corps Commander, said “ANDSF are well coordinated in the execution of their plan and that the Taliban have planted many IEDs in public areas, so the ANDSF is working diligently to find and defuse them.”


Provincial Governor’s Spokesman Omar Zowak summarized ANDSF accomplishments thus far in Nawah, indicating so far 18 Taliban, including six commanders, have been killed, and 15 wounded and 130 IEDs have been defused.


Haji Atiqullah, Chief of the Nawah local council, said “All people are supportive and helping the ANDSF, showing the hideouts of insurgents to the them and where the Taliban planted IEDs.”