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Cricket tournament launched to motivate youth


A three-week long cricket tournament was launched by Zabul cricket board with the goal fighting against drugs and motivating youths for sport and work.

Anit drug football

Mahbob Mohabat, cricket board director of Zabul, said 16 teams participated in the tournaments including teams from Shinkay, Shahjoy and Shar e Safa districts.

“Sports have proven to be very important for stability, peace, unity, health and youth empowerment, and looking to these benefits, we are working hard to have continuing sport events in the province,” Mohabat said.

The official slogan of the tournament was “We hate drugs and love sound body.”

Abdul Kabir 23 player of the winning Ajmal Patan team said every day hundreds of Qalat residents were watching their matches and that was a great opportunity for unity and a positive experience for everyone.