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Melon and water melon have increased in Helmand


Farmers in Helmand are enjoying an increase in melon and watermelon this year. They are exporting these goods to other provinces from Lashkar Gah.


Helmand water melon

Jalil a resident of Qalah Bost said “I have brought my own crops to Lashkar Gah for selling and exporting to other places. If I get a good income from my crops this year, hopefully I will grow more water melon next year.”


Khair Mohammad who sells water melon in Lashkar Gah said people have accepted the government’s saying, instead of poppy they have grown water melon and vegetables. They hope to have even better places in Lashkar Gah for fruits and vegetables marketing in the future.


Engineer Matiullah Baher the municipality of Lashkar Gah said we have decided to provide another place for vegetables and fruits marketing in Helmand.  The Lashkar Gah municipality department has a good plan for the farmers who are selling their vegetables and fruits.