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People of Nawah celebrate better life through security


Asadullah, a resident of Gharaba area of Nawah district, said that life under the control of Taliban is like in prison: “but we are now happier that they have been defeated by the government forces.”

Helmand Gov vs people

“We had no security in the last couple of months, Taliban were annoying our children for different pretends and youths could not get out of their houses easily,” he added.

Samiullah a resident of Ainak area of Nawah said because of Taliban cruelties “We did not have a good life. Now, people can get access to more opportunities but under the Taliban, having a mobile phone was a crime and if anyone was found with a phone, he was supposed to spend four months in a Taliban prison. Now with the ANDSF we have better life opportunities.”

Shokrullah Nikmal another resident of Nawah said that Taliban destroyed their roads with IEDs and blocked the door of education.

Haji Atiqullah the chief of Nawah local council said now the people of Nawah are freed and they will have a better life under the government control. “Taliban were asking food from the residents and they were also extorting money from the people for different reasons. If someone was not obeying, they would be sent to prison. After this, there will not be Taliban, there will be our hero soldiers who will provide security.”

Hayatullah Hayat the governor of Helmand said on tuesday the engineers have gone to Nawah for surveying the road and see how much money should be spent to repair the roads that the Taliban destroyed. The government local services will be activated again in Nawah but it takes time he said.

“Taliban will not have place in Nawah district again, there will be Afghan forces but we want the local people of Nawa to help and support their security forces by giving them information about any suspicious act of the Taliban,” the Governor said.