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Chemicals intended for explosives and suspect apprehended by Border Police in Nangarhar


National Border Police seized ten tons of banned chemical fertilizer ammonium nitrate that is used in making explosives by terrorists in the eastern Torkham border.  The person linked to this was arrested on the spot.


7 NGR ABP 1st Zone COM Col. Mohammad Ayoub Husainkheil ABP seiz ammonium niterate

1st Zone Border Police Commander Col. Mohammad Ayoub Husainkheil told media in a press conference that 200 bags of ammonium nitrate placed in a lorry under homewares were discovered by smart border police during a vehicle search.

He added, “The total weight of the seized ammonium nitrate is ten tones. It was intended to be smuggled to Ghanikhiel district for terrorist activities but based on prior reports, border police discovered it.”

“Ammonium nitrate is used by enemies of Afghanistan in making IEDs to perform destructive activities and harm our innocent countrymen. Lives of several countrymen were protected by this achievement of border police,” Col. Husainkheil added.

He insisted that National Border Police are on watch day and night to defend the borders, prevent commuting of terrorists, and thwart their destructive plots.

Col. Husainkheil urged locals to help in reporting suspicious activities to security forces.

He remarked, “It is not only the job of security forces but it is also patriotic and Islamic responsibility of every individual of the country to play role in protection of innocent lives. Locals’ cooperation is vitally important in ensuring security for our people to live in peace.”

A member of border police Akhtar Mohammad reassured border police have been equipped with better weapons and professionally trained resulting in remarkable achievements in fighting against terrorists. 

“I and my colleagues work enthusiastically in order to perform our important duty very effectively. It is goal of every one of us to protect the people from cruel acts of enemies. I am proud of my service. I will perform my duty till last drop of blood in veins.”

A religious cleric Noor Ahmad Hamdard from Kot district prayed for successes of security forces.

He said, “There is no important job than protection of innocent lives on earth. Inshallah, they will have support of Almighty Allah in their jobs.”

He added, “I ask my people not to withhold any kind of cooperation from security forces for the safety of fellow Muslims from enemies of holy Islam and Afghanistan. I also advice the people to be smart and not to be deceived by fabricated speeches of terrorists.”https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif