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Reporting to ANDSF brings Safety


There is a famous proverb “No man is complete enough”. Without support of the respected locals, security forces wouldn’t be able to achieve remarkable achievements in prevention of robbers, kidnappers, drug traffickers and enemies of peace-loving Afghans.

 NGR Police Spokesperson Col Hazrat Husain Mashriqiwal

Armed men tried to rob a money exchanger in Jalalabad city. When other money exchangers in the nearby shops understood intention of the criminal, they acted and reported to police. The robbers are now in jail and people’s possessions saved due to on time reporting to security forces.

Reporting about suspicious activities in your surroundings is a very effective support toward security forces in ensuring peace and public safety.

According to Spokesperson to Nangarhar Police Headquarter Col. Hazrat Husain Mashriqiwal, “What security forces do, they do it for safety of people and defending the country so people should also be cooperative in this move.”

He insisted that there are safest and easy ways to inform security forces while observing movements of terrorists, suspicious activities or any incident.

He said, “People can go to nearby security post or government administration to inform security forces about any threat or suspicious activity. Thanks to the development of technology, there are other easy ways to contact your protectors. If you have phone, you can call any security forces member or ring 119 free of cost. Based on quick information, security forces will be able to thwart the destructive and deadly plots of criminals and terrorists on time.”

Col. Mohammad Ayoub Husainkheil, Commander of 1st Zone HQ of Border Police appreciates locals for providing any type of cooperation to their brothers in ANDSF.

He said, “There is very expanding coordination among security organs and with the people. When people report to security forces, the information they provided are going to be delivered in soonest time to security forces from any organization operating in the area.”

Brigadier General Mohamamd Naseem Sangeen, Commander of ANA 4th Brigade, insisted that in order to have prolonged peace and security, people should report any suspicious activity.

NGR Batikot district Bazaar landmark of batikot

He said, “Security forces’ capabilities are improving and do all their best to protect fellow Muslims from hatred actions of enemies of Afghanistan. Reporting to security forces will not let enemies of Afghanistan pose threat to the people lives and their possessions.”

Mohammad Hassan a tribal elder from Khogiani district encourage the people that by reporting to security forces, they can prevent bloodshed and destructions. He said, “Except destruction and killings, the terrorists can’t do anything else. Most people understand this. Reporting to security forces means you are protecting the lives of innocent children, fathers, mothers, sisters and children.”

Religious cleric based in Jalalabad Niazurahman Khalid advised people should report to police about suspicious activities because it is their patriotic and Islamic responsibility.

He said, “Holly Islam teaches us, do what you can to save lives of the innocents and stand against cruel people. We do what we can to protect our family, relatives and beloved ones. If a person sees activities for destruction of the country and harming innocent people and don’t act for prevention, it means, he forgets the teachings of holly Islam.”

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