Mon, Sep

ANDSF braveness appreciated by Zabul Women Organization


This appreciation gathering was called by Khushal Charity Organization a civil society organ that is lead by a young girl.


Shabana Khushal leader of this organization says they give appreciation letters and flowers to soldiers who defend the country, secure the life, and bring happiness to people of Zabul.

“As a young girl and head of organization I really proud of ANDSF members I respect their sacrifices and appreciate their efforts toward prosperity of people, these small gifts are sign of our love to ANDSF member. She said.

Wakeel Ahmed a 27 year old ANA soldier who received a flower from Khushal Organization says such motivation programs show that people even young girls are happy from ANDSF and they will continue their best efforts and in the future too to defeat enemies of Afghanistan.

Its first time that a women organization is managing a program for ANDSF appreciation in Zabul province.