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Handi crafts bussiness in Khost


Crafts or the hand made things are items which were used before the development of technology and machines to meet the needs of human beings.

Khost crafts straw 1

Though many items and equipment have been developed in contemporary world which are replaced with crafts but still there are more things which are in used in the society, people take benefits from it and even it is used as an accepted culture in different regions.

In Khost province the things which are made from straw still having very good market. Straw is a green plant which is found in eastern mountainous part of Khost province. And residents of different regions of Khost province make different things and later on they sell these things in villages, towns and cities.

Those things which are made from straw likewise; Tokoori (Thing use for food and carrying materials), mat, brooms and people make some other things and people like it so much and having good specifications.

Besides it this business resulted as a very good income source for the people and get food for own family through this business. Akbar who has passed much time of his life having this business since from years. He says, his family’s more members are involved in this business to make different things from straw and I and our family’s’ other members sell it in cities.

He adds, nevertheless, this business become weak compared to previous time but now the things which are made from straw having good business, people buy it and even often we get special offer to make a special thing.

He earlier says, “Work of these things need much efforts, our family’s members whole day search for straws in mountains unless to get reasonable straws, and after that we implement our own procedure. People like it so much. And it’s good for our society and people as it’s an old tradition which needs to be secured”. 

According to the statement of the source, in Pashtoon society there is no permission for women to go out in this regard they spend much of their time with these things unless to make different items and offer it to the city for selling.

Khost crafts straw 5

A person named Wazir Badsha also having same business since from last 15 years and having a small shop of hand made things in Khost city. He adds, in life and briefly in everything there is a change and naturally there will be a change in the sell and processing of these items but still more people having this business, people make and bring it for selling to us.

The source continues another problems is the absence of a specific place in Khost for selling of these items, if the concerned administration allocate a specific place it will not just grow the crafts but the people well also shop the thing of their choice from a specific place.

He says “It’s a very good business, including us more families get income from this business, problem also exist, we need to have good market, and it is our request; this business need to be grown”.

Same time the lecturer of Shiekh Zaid University Gulsha sabaray says, crafts is a good tool for the economy of Afghanistan people and a source of income, which engaged with hundreds of families.

He says, Agriculture and crafts are two parts, which support the economy of the people of Afghanistan and people get enough income from this way.

He says, “Things which are made from straws not only having consumers in Afghanistan but it has more buyers in other foreign countries as will. There is much need for the existent of the things which are made from straw because it’s a crucial need of the society to be benefited with less expenditure. The government also need to pay special attention unless to enhance the income of the people and government and to meet the need of the people”.

Beside this, things which are made from straw having good business in Khost province and there is also some other kinds of crafts, if attentions is paid it will have good benefits, from one side tens of families will be busy with and from other side they will get good income and their earlier tradition will also be secured and the government will also be benefited.