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Religious scholars and civilians says the attack on Jawadia mosque in Herat is against Islam and humanity


Helmand religious scholars says that Islam is not a religion of violence and murder, but the armed groups are doing actions against all that are in full collision with Islam.

HMD Zabi

Religious scholar Mawlawi Khudai Nazar says the recent attacks on the Jawadia mosque show that they militants are doing every action against Islam, and they want to kill a large number of civilians.

According to Khudai Nazar Islam the killing of innocent people is not allowed in Islam, and who is doing this act, they will be at the hell.

The residents of Lashkar Gah also condemn suicide attacks on the Jawadia Mosque in Herat province.

Zabihullah, a resident of Lashkar Gah, said that such attacks bring fear in the hearts of people, saying that such attacks are a brutal act.

Zabihullah also emphasized on national unity.


Also, Nazir Ahmad Arshad, another resident of Lashkar Gah, said that the government should show a serious reaction to militants groups that kill innocent people.

Nik Mohammad, another resident of Lashkar Gah also says that sacred and public places are safe from attacks, and unity of the nations are essential for our country.

Mohammad Wali Dost, Acting Director of Hajj and Religious, says holy places are safe houses, religious scholars should condemn these attacks on the nation's level.

Mr.Dost said that conducting such attacks, is a brutality, and the scholars of all Islamic countries should condemn it.

Also he say religious scholars should jointly interpret the national unity values and the national unity should be strengthened.