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The officials and residents of Farah province emphasize the presence of NATO troops in the Farah province


Afghan National Army officials in western Afghanistan say the presence of NATO troops in refugee operations in Farah province has caused relative security in the province.


Abdul Basir Ghori, a spokesman for ANA soldiers in western Afghanistan, said that international forces are currently co-operating in the field of consulting and equipping ANA soldiers, which has had an impact on the performance of Afghan security forces during the operations.

He added: "NATO forces have always been involved with Afghan National Army forces, both in the education sector and in the equipping sector, which has made the Afghan security forces better able to engage in operations, and we want this cooperation to continue. )

On the other hand, residents of Farah province want NATO troops to remain in this province.
Hajji Abdul Hameed and Haji Amir Jahan, two of the elders of Farah, say that the people of Farah call for the re-deployment of international forces to this province.

The governor's spokesman Farah also calls on the strong NATO supporters to provide airspace support for Afghan security forces in the course of air operations.

The governor's spokesman for Farah says the air support of strong supporters during the operations in the province could have a significant impact on the progress of the Afghan security forces.