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Tal​iban are disruptive militants not holy warriors


On a regular basis, thousands of local people used this bridge in Gorjak village, Fayzab district in Jowzjan province for purposes such as getting medical treatment, moving agricultural products, economic and social activities.

Taliban blow up Gorjak bridge in Jowezjan province FMT BGLJowezjan North

So what kind of false Taliban calls themselves a holy warrior by destroying a bridge?

Mullah Qadir Nawabi, a local residence of Jowezjan, stated that such criminal acts have no place in Islam.  “Taliban, or any other illegal armed militants, excuse their every criminal act in Islam by calling themselves holy warriors. But I can’t see any verses within the Holy Quran related to the destruction of infrastructure or causing bloodshed to their fellow Muslims brothers. Taliban mistranslate the verses of Holy Quran and use it for their own benefit and are never innocent after demolishing the Gorjak bridge.”