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Bodybuilding show in Helmand province


Tens of bodybuilders gathered in the central Helmand province (Lashkar Gah) for a bodybuilding and fitness show on Sunday 6th of Aug 2017. Officials and tens of enthusiasts of this sport had participated the even.

Picture of Helmand 15

Torjaan the head of bodybuilding and fitness federation in Helmand said the aim of this show was encouraging youths to sport. Many youths in Helmand are going to the bodybuilding and fitness clubs and even they have attended the internal and external competitions Torjaan said.

He asked the youths to use their energies for a good way and avoid smoking narcotics and things like that.

The financial support of this event was provided by the Helmand municipality. Engineer Matiullah Bahir the Lashkar Gah municipal said it is our responsibility to support those youths who are working for promotion of this country.

We have provided some good events through public awareness programmes at the past and this time, I wanted to encourage people by providing bodybuilding show to help the Lashkar Gah municipality workers and keep the town clean.

Ghulam Ghaws Dawari the head of youth Management said we are trying to pass a message to the people, particularly youths to have positive effect on promoting their community.

Youths beside going to sport’s clubs should think about development, peace and security as well Dawari said.

Khair Mohammad one of the bodybuilders said I have encouraged all my friends to go to fitness clubs for being healthy. Bodybuilding is rapidly growing in Helmand and here are many youths to take part in the country level competitions he said.

Toryalay another bodybuilder in Helmand said good health is important and I want to say that a country can be known from its healthy people. I have done my best to bring a good achievement for my family from such show he said. He added that once the youths encouraged to sport, they will not do illegal actions.