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Khost community praises the Afghan police force


The Liaison Office in Khost province praised few officers of Khost police head quarter, who showed bravery during their job, they remained committed to the law and presented necessary service for the people in the frame work of law.

Local official and elders 4

This massive people gathering was called for encouraging police, as more number of regional scholars, tribal elders and member of civil activist were participated in.

In addressing to this massive gathering speakers praised the achievements of police and called their moral very strong compared to any other previous time. They said, the existence of assured security in Khost province, the dominance of law, the extension of sovereignty, and the existence of the cooperation between people and security forces called the cases which can be counted on. 

Rahmat Gul is a representative of the TLO office who was also leading this massive gathering. According to his statement mentioned administration having in plan to lunch such programs in other provinces as will unless to be praised the police, who are succeeded in their own jobs.

He states, to be praised the able police they have created joint committee of members of civil society, youngsters and elders unless to be introduce able police for them after an evaluation and they will also take necessary steps for honoring and praising them.

He stated in this regard, “It’s the right of police and soldiers as they need to be praised. They have given cordial sacrifices. And these are the soldiers who are busy with every organization and they are sons of yours and their sacrifices need to be praised. And we have plan to praise this kind of officers at every organization level”.

The responsible of this administration insisting that they will continue this kind of programs for encouraging and motivating police and beside the police, active and devoting officers of Afghan National Army, NDS and other organs will be praised and gatherings will be organized for honoring their achievements and sacrifices.

Mr. Ahmadi continues their aim for having this program is to praise all of those officers who are cordially committed to implement the law and to provide facilities for the people.

Commander of police forces in Khost Faizullah Ghairat also insists that the activities of police got better compared to any other time. According to his statement police were able to provide necessary facilities, so it’s the reason people praise them today.

Mr. Ghairat also appreciated people, as people don’t forget the sacrifices of police and continuously supervising their activities and occasionally praise them. 

He said, “I am so much delighted, as people praised those police after a long evaluation who have known own responsibility and people were also satisfied with.  And yes it was their preferred selection in our personnel and proud of that our officer and soldiers’ sacrifices are praised and being honored”. 

Ghairat stated, praising and punishment is a very good principal of an administration and they are committed for it with all of the means.

In praised police one was Amirullah. According to his statement his commitment to job resulted to be praised as he honored in a massive gathering. He was delighted as people praised his services, but he insisted that after this he will also carry on his job faithfully unless to provide necessary facilities for the people and to implement the law.

He said, “Till now we tried to carry on that responsibility which is hold by police to carry it properly. And after this I am committed to prevent from illegal activities. I will never allow anyone to disobey the law. I am deployed for the service of own people and country and remain committed for this promise”.

We observe, recently many peoples’ gatherings have been organized for supporting the security forces and government. And calling this kind of gatherings means that people are pleased with current activities of the government and support it.