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Harming innocents is the greatest sin


The teachings of holy Islam order followers to avoid harming others, instead, make efforts for the protection of creatures of Almighty Allah.  “Terrorists don’t have reason for continuing war in Afghanistan.” Religious clerics stated in one voice in the eastern Nangarhar province in a huge gathering.

11 NGR religious clerics gathering unity in ensuring peace and security

Religious clerics called upon militants lay down their weapons and support the Islamic government instead of harming innocent Afghans.  Director of Hajj and Religious Affairs Abdul Zahir Haqani warned that if enemies of Afghanistan don’t stop violence, the religious clerics will provoke people to rise against them.

“If someone or a group poses threat to our lives and belongings, it is our Islamic duty to stand in defending ourselves. If we observe the cruel acts of terrorists and stay calm, we will never get rid of them. ”

He described peace essential more than anything else for life.  “The enemies want to keep Afghanistan in darkness forever but we want our country stands among developed countries. Peace and security are vitally important for development and prospering life. The Imams of Masjids should preach to people on the importance of peace and their roles in ensuring security.”

Mr. Haqani also insisted that whoever denies peace, in fact, denies the teachings of holy Islam. “Prophet Mohammad Peace be upon him made a pact of peace with non-Muslims so why there shouldn’t be peace among Muslims. There is goodness in peace and without peace life is meaningless.”

Another Religious cleric Ziaulhaq Shafaq described the armed groups fighting against the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Afghans, vicious act of defaming Islam.

“If Taliban, Daesh or other armed groups call themselves Muslims and perform un-Islamic acts against Muslims, they endeavor to tell the world holly Islam is not a religion of peace. In fact, Islam is the religion of peace. These groups intend to suppress Muslims and disrespect our respected religion” Mr. Shafaq added.

He also said, “These groups are called Khawarij (rebels) and whoever fight against them is a hero and whoever died in fighting against them is Shaheed (martyr). They harm innocents, destroy mosques and schools, endanger lives of civilians by using them human shields and prevent Muslims to worship in peace.”

Mr. Shafaq remarked, “You can see, where there is control of Taliban or Daesh, people can’t go to mosques to worship Almighty Allah because they are scared. The areas that are under control of the government, there is development, peaceful life, schools, clinics and good roads. The people can worship Almighty Allah without fear there and send their children to learn education for bright future.”

Another religious cleric Abdul Rahman Rahimi emphasized that illiterate youths should not be the fuel of war of Taliban, ISIS or other militant groups anymore.

He said, “We urge the Afghans who are unhappy with the government and tucked in the paws of evils, should rescue themselves from the miseries by sitting to negotiating table with the government. On one hand, they are facing the further hatred of their people by passing each day, on the other hand, security forces become stronger and get serious in suppressing the groups. We will do what we can to encourage the deceived youths to return to their homes, stop harming their people and lay down weapons.”

At the end of the gathering, the religious clerics stood up, gave in hand in order to show they are united in ensuring security and improving reconciliation.