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Taliban Disruptive Acts Condemned by Religious Scholars


Hundreds of religious scholars, Mullahs, elders, influential people, social activists, and teachers vowed to support the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) and local government in a gathering held in Kunduz province.

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They called Afghan Security Forces freedom fighters and servant of Islam, people and country, unlike Taliban who kill innocent people under title of Jihad, blow up bridges, create problems for the poor people of Afghanistan, collect illegal taxes or take part in destruction of motherland on order of outsiders.

“Taliban are making such a big mistake. They can cheat illiterate poor people but not us. Every action of the Taliban is wrong. It has no place in Islam at all. We condemn every single movement of those so called freedom fighters. In reality, they are servant of outsiders who take part in destruction and bloodshed continuation in our motherland – not to do Jihad or serve Afghanistan,” said Mullah Mokhtar Fakhrai – religious scholar in Emam Saheb district of Kunduz. “They are committing such a big sin. Islam hate those who misuse the name of Islam, mislead or kill innocent people and create problems for those who have no sin at all, or those who commit criminal acts and then mistranslate verses of holy Quran. I hope Taliban asks for forgiveness before shall it be too late.”

Assadullah Omerkhail – governor of Kunduz praised the gathering of religious scholars stated that extend peace and security in the country relies on joint act of religious scholars and government programs.

“Islam Republic of Afghanistan tries with all means to launch welfare projects for all people of Afghanistan to benefit and invite unhappy militants to join the Afghan Peace and Reintegration Program (APRP) with the aim to get rid of insecurity, bloodshed, destruction or any other misfortunes those enemies of Afghanistan seek to bring to us,” said Omerkhail. “Taliban leaders send those low ranks to be slaughtered when fight against tough, well equipped, well trained and elite ANDSF on the battlefield. We are against bloodshed since Islam doesn’t permit it. That is why we invite all sides to peace talks. If they reject then both law and Islam allow us to hunt them down as we will do with those leaders commanding them.”

Brigadier general Abdul Hamid Hamidi the Kunduz ANP chief praised the bravery, dedication, well performance, sacrifices and the professionalism shown in the battlefield against enemies of peace and stability. He said Sada-e-Azadi that Taliban mistranslates verses of holy Quran and misguide people then call themselves holy warriors. “Neither Taliban nor any other illegal armed militants are doing Jihad, since they are criminals. Holy warriors never kill innocent people, burn schools, blow up bridges, collect illegal taxes or do unlawful actions,” said Hamidi.

“They all are slave militants who have no freedom to think or talk. Instead they follow the orders of their overseas bosses and never think about national interest of Afghanistan, people or Islamic value. It would be wise for them to join APRP, otherwise ANDSF will finish them and they will not have the chance to ask for forgiveness.”

The religious scholars finalized the meeting by reciting verses of holy Quran and promises to support the Afghan security forces and local government.