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The one year long training program for National Police has been completed


According to the information of Khost police headquarter, for the enhancement of literacy within National Police members, a number of programs are under implementation, and dozens of police members received training by now. They are now more capable and educated how to figure out the problems which they face on a daily bases.

Head of Khost police forces

Chief of Khost police forces General Faizullah Ghairat says, they try to bring down the level of police illiteracy. Therefore, more programs are under way to enable the police force to implement the law equally for all besides other responsibilities.

In this regard, they appreciate the GIZ institution and they said they accepted to financially sponsor this program and make further programs for the professional training of police members.

Mr. Ghairat calls professional training of the police as a crucial need and insist that this work will play active role in bringing down the level of crimes.

He said in this regard, “Police has close relation with people on daily basis and I am confident, that educating police will leave positive effects on polices’ good activities and will return their attention to their responsibilities”.

Ghairat earlier said, beside the training center of police with the support of other institution, the number of educated police members will increase.

The provincial responsible of GIZ in Khost Jamal Noor Sadat says this program was organized with joined efforts of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Interior Affairs and GIZ.

According to his statement, up to now two thousand police members have been qualified and received training via this program.

Mr. Sadat said in this regard, “We are seeking the enhancement level of the literacy of the police force. Recently 700 police members received training via this program, 1200 others are in progress of completing their training and graduation certificates were distributed for 230 police officers today. We try our best to eliminate the illiteracy in the ranks of police”.

Mr. Sadat continues: “it takes one year to educate police members easily and smoothly.

From the other side, one graduated soldier from this training center said, they received training in those areas where there was a need.

“My name is Abdullah and we received our training in one year. But we insist that the number of such programs provided to us to be increased to make us capable to better serve the people and our soil”. Said Abdullah

According to his statement, other police members also have a need to receive higher education but the officials of this province claimed that they have paid special attention to professional training of the police compared to previous times.