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Professional Courses Change Common to Elite Personnel


Good leadership of Afghan and International community along with enthusiasm of people for supporting the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan went up the number of participants to join service and doubled the number of recruits in the graduation centers of security forces.

Members prased by local officials FMT BGLTakhar North

 This increase indicates honoring security forces youths join service. People warmly welcome those willing to serve motherland and stand against enemies of peace and stability sacrificing their blood on the way of Afghanistan. A good example of community honoring members was in Takhar province.

Here after 21 youths completed the four academic years and returned with their diploma, a gathering was held in the presence of religious scholars, influential people, elders, governmental employees, provincial Shuras members along with family members. Naim Mohammad Shirzad is one of the graduated who expressed his gratitude for honoring gathering held in Takhar. He said that Islam and government put heavy responsibilities on shoulder of individuals graduated to defend the rights of the people, the Islam and the Constitution of Afghanistan.

“Afghan and international tutors taught and trained us with straightforward approaches considering law and constitution of Afghanistan. We learned so much about laws, Islam, Afghan custom, responsibilities and other vital elements in training centers compared to the past. Truly training centers change common soldiers to elite members. I am proud of being one of the graduated.” He said. 

Naim is not the only lucky Afghan son who is proud of being in service of Islam and the people and warmly embraced by community members in Takhar and other parts of the country.

Shapoor Faqiryar is another one who vows to serve Islam, people and government of Afghanistan holding his diploma and appreciation letter. “I feel proud every moment for joining the service and now standing in front of my family and civil society members, vow to put in practice all I learned from Afghan and international tutors. We trained well. Now we know how to cope with problems and deal with things that shall benefit all Afghans and we learned how to limit movements of enemies in Takhar and other parts of the country.”

A total number of 343 members graduated from Marshal Qasim Fahim Military Training Center. 21 of them belong to Takhar province and they were warmly welcomed by local government and civil society members.