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National Air Forces played vital role in suppressing terrorists


Enthusiasm of joining different fields of ANDSF is expanding among the new educated generation of the country.

9 NGR Air Force entry test 201 Selab HQ

Recently, 170 12th grade and 14th grade graduates from Nangarhar, Nuristan, Kunar, Laghman, Kapisa and Panjshir attended Air Force University entry exam held in 201 Selab Corps Headquarter.

Spokesperson to the ANA HQ Col. Shirin Aqa insisted that improving professionalism, efficiency in ensuring security and equipment of ANDSF helped to increase support of locals and enthusiasm of becoming a member of ANDSF especially among youths.

He said, “A delegation came from Ministry of Defense held the exam in order to keep transparency in the process. 73 of those graduates who attended the exam will find their way to be educated in Air Forces University and become proud members of Air Forces of Afghanistan.”

Col. Shirin Aqa added that beside ground forces, the National Air Forces of Afghanistan become stronger and better equipped day by day.

“Expanding support of Air Forces to ground forces during important military operations resulted in remarkable achievements in fighting against the enemies of peaceful Afghanistan. Air Forces strikes helped to decrease the level of civilian casualties and demolish prominent members of terrorist groups in East” he remarked.

A security affairs expert Ajmal Mohmand, based in Jalalabad, emphasized that expanded support of security forces in the community is good news for improvement of peace and security.

He said, “Youths have always played their vitally important role in rehabilitation and defense of the country. You see most members of the respected army and police are youths. When there is great opportunity for inclusion of the youths in security forces cues, it means we are having a very strong Army and Air Forces to protect the nation.”

He also said, “Looking at the complicated mountainous geography of Afghanistan, Air Forces can effectively target the terrorists during military operations. In recent military operations, Air Forces could perform accurate strikes against bases and training centers of ISIS-K and Taliban groups in different districts of Nangarhar.”

20-year-old Nasimullah graduated from 12th grade is happy the youths have the opportunity to learn at an academic field of their choice.

He said, “If I want to become a doctor, teacher, engineer, pilot or any cadre, I can fulfil my dreams because there are expanded opportunities for youths in the community. I really appreciate International Community and government for provision of these chances for us.”