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Security Forces Serve Islam, people and Afghanistan


The Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) defeat the coward Taliban militants that blow up bridges, kill innocent people, collect illegal taxes, burn schools or act as their oversea bosses demand them to do.

Afghan elite force in line of duty FMT BGLFaryab North

Actually, Taliban militants are nothing else than slave groups who have no freedom at all to distinguish between good and bad or consider the national interest of Afghanistan. Instead, they create all those disruptive acts that enemies ask them to do under the name of holy war. Question is how shamed Taliban feel following orders of infidels and then vow they are holy warriors? So to answer this question, Javid Hamidi – lecturer in Baghlan university believes that enemies of Afghanistan like Taliban, Daesh or any other illegal militants are using name of Islam to give a fake title to an illegitimate war. “Now people of Afghanistan take side of no illegal armed group since they all follow the wrong path and they misuse the name of Islam. It would be better for them to join the peace process and to take part in rehabilitation of Afghanistan.”

Recently the Afghan security forces killed a total number of 83 Taliban militants, injured 33 and thrashed 22 vehicles with huge amounts of ammunition during mopping operation in Sara-e-Pul, Sheberghan and Faryab provinces.  Major Nasratullah Jamshidi, deputy chief of 209th Shaheen Corps spokesperson, stated that Afghan security forces have great moral and they follow the right path by serving Islam, people and Afghanistan. “Taliban militants try to give a purpose to their wrong war with elite personnel. Good news is that people won’t trust them. Instead they hate them. Taliban should be ashamed of helping enemies and then calling themselves holy warriors.

Noorullah Aymaq, 28 year old social activists believes that Afghanistan is heading toward right direction and that enemies don’t want to follow it: “Over last decade, Afghanistan experienced improvements in all fields and that creates tension among enemies who are against development in Afghanistan. In order to manage the problems, Afghans should stay united, they should send children to school, they should stand against enemies, protect all good works like roads, dams, schools and bridges. This way we can overcome challenges, witness good days and avoid disputes, discrimination and other ethnical elements that enemies seek to use to create disputes.”

Majority of the people hate criminal acts of Taliban and vow to work shoulder to shoulder with security forces and report any suspect movement seen around.