Tue, Sep

Electronic System for Taxpayers


An electronic service system was opened for the large taxpayers in Kabul Serena Hotel by Revenue General Department in the presence of Media today 23 August 2017.

Dr. Najeebullah Wardak, Deputy Minister of Customs & Revenue called the opening of Electronic Service System a good move and added:” This system provides many facilities to accelerate the processes and is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Finance to create efficiency in administrative processes”.

Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay, Acting director of chamber of Commerce & Industries said: “We support opening this system for the large taxpayer. It helps to create a facility for large taxpayers and reduce corruption”. He added: “This system will generate more coordination between the private sector and government departments”.

Mr. Sherbazkhan Kameen-Zada, Head of the Afghan Industry Association called this step by Ministry of Finance effective for corruption decrease and welcomed it.

It is worth mentioning that, electronic service system record accurately all the documents and facts in the database and prevent clients’Bureaucracy and wasting time.