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Infrastructure projects will begin in Nawa District for Civilians welfare


When the Nawa district of Helmand province was under the control of the Taliban, many of the basic projects in this district were destroyed. Now, as the Afghan government has the control of the place, government promises to restore infrastructure in there.

HMD Photo The basic projects will begin in Nawa District for Civilians welfare 2

Helmand Governor spokesman Omer Zawak said that provincial authorities are trying to provide services to the residents of Nawa district, and new projects will be implemented after the approval.

Zawak said that there are many plans to make a happy life and conveniences for civilians, which will enable the residents to enjoy a better life once again.

He says the life under the control of Taliban is full of the problems.

According to Zawak, the Nawa people have always been cooperating with the government.

Helmand governor spokesman Omer Zawak said that they are trying to close the Taliban financial resources, and a provincial government shared a plan with President, to approve the special forces for the control of borders and drug trafficking.

People's cooperation will provide the opportunity for the Afghan government and international communities to implement projects in the areas for the welfare of civilians.