Wed, Oct

ANA, ALP men complete counter-IED course


ALP A group of 18 Afghan security personnel graduated last week from an Explosive Hazardous Reduction Course (EHRC) in the Gilan district of southern Ghazni province, the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan (CJSOTF-A) said on Saturday.

Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers and Afghan Local Police (ALP) from Maqur district completed the 11-day course designed to teach security forces how to identify and disarm various types of improvised explosive devices.

The graduates would return to their respective commands and villages and teach other security members the techniques learned, said one instructor in a statement from CJSOTF-A. The threat of IED attacks remained high across Afghanistan, he added.

An ANA representative said the training would help them find and destroy IEDs in the region without assistance from outside organisations.