Thu, Oct

Delhi to help Kabul fight terror: Khurshid


KhurshidNew Delhi would continue supporting Kabul in the fight against terrorism, a major impediment to peace in Afghanistan, the Indian foreign minister said on Saturday.

During a daylong visit to southern Kandahar province, where he jointly inaugurated Afghanistan's first-ever agriculture university, he praised Hamid Karzai's leadership in nurturing democracy and peace.
External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid called the April 5 elections a proof of democracy in Afghanistan and assured president Karzai of India’s continued support.

Khurshid said the twin menace of terror and extremism had long been taking a heavy toll on the Afghans and hampering the war-torn country’s return to normality. Joint efforts were needed to eradicate the threat, he stressed.
While commending the Afghan security forces, the minister said they proven their ability under trying circumstances. They had also protected Indian aid workers in different Afghan cities, he acknowledged.

However, Khurshid called for the global fraternity to continue cooperating with Afghanistan in military and economic fields. For its part, India would do all it could to help Afghanistan deal with its multiple challenges, he assured.
Addressing the president, Khurshid said: “These elections are a testament to your extraordinary and brave leadership over the last 12 years, and the way you have promoted democracy in this country.”


Source: Pajhwok