Sat, Oct

Eastern zone security meeting


security-meeting-in-the-eastA security conference was recently held in Kapisa to discuss the security situation including the upcoming April 5th elections.

As the transition process nears completion across much of the country, Eastern Zone Provincial Governors and ANSF representatives attended the conference led by the Minister of Defence, Bismillah Mohamadi.
ANSF staff at the conference told participants that they had seen success against the enemies of Afghanistan over the past months. Close coordination between ANSF units and civilian cooperation are major factors in their success.
Minister Mohammadi highlighted the importance of the connection between the people of Afghanistan and the security forces. “A local woman in Gelan district of Paktika province saw insurgents planting a bomb in the road near her home: she immediately informed local security forces,” said the Minister, “This shows that all Afghans stand by and support the security forces and when they assist their  security forces, security can be provided to each community.”
Minister Mohammadi mentioned Kunar province as an example of how the transition process has been successful even in a formerly insecure areas.  “Coalition forces have almost no presence left in Kunar, yet Afghan security forces have been able to maintain security and to continue military and police operations,” he said. 
Community activists and civil society groups around the country have been vocal in their support of security forces.  Engineer Ahmadi works with several civil society groups in Kapisa province and spoke to Sada e Azadi magazine about hope for the future.
“It is clear that people do not want more war; you can see an increase in cooperation with the Afghan National Security Forces.  We are hopeful that we will see more positive changes in the coming month as we prepare to vote in April 5th elections.”