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MRRD Celebrates March 8th the International Women Day


women-internationalThe Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development celebrated the 8 of March International Women Day in the Conference hall of the MRRD. Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak-Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, some members of Parliament, central heads and women employees of the MRRD, representatives of Independent Human Rights Commission and Ministry of Women Affairs were attended the ceremony.

The ceremony was started by the recitation of few verses from the Holly Quran and playing of national anthem.
Later on, Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development congratulated this day to female employees of the MRRD. He pointed out to several problems and difficulties of Afghan Women and praised the last one decade achievements of the Government in this regard.
Also he termed the presence of women in various sections very important and further added, “women have active role in the determination of many development projects, 60 percent of the members who monitor the implementation of development projects are women, 35 percent of the CDC members constitute women, 50 of the beneficiaries from the development projects of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) are women.”
Norzia Kohistani, head of women council in the MRRD, Member of Parliament General Nazifa Zaki, senators Sediqa Balkhi and Anar Kali Hunaryar were the other speakers of this ceremony. During their speeches they talked about the position of women in Afghan Society in their empowering in last one decade. Also they thanked from the activities of the MRRD in the favor of women, particularly rural women.

At the last part of this ceremony some gifts were also distributed.