Sat, Oct

WFP to continue its cooperation with Afghanistan until 2016


WFP-will-continue-supporting-afghansIn a meeting with Eng. Atiqullah Khawasi, Admin and Finance Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Mohammad Salim Kunduzi Deputy Minister of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Lice-Stock and Policy Director of National Disaster Management Authority, Mr.  Klod Jebdar Director of World Food Program said that WFP will keep support from Afghanistan till 2016.

During this meeting he donated some tools and equipments with the MRRD. These tools are include:  Water Hand Pump, Level, Small Compactor, Concret Mixer, Concrete vibrator, Electrical Submersible water Pump 1 inch, Electricity Generator (5KW), Water Pump 3 inch and tent. The cost of these tools and equipments reaches to USD 118000.

While talking in this meeting Mr. Atiqullah Khawasi, Admin and Finance Deputy Minister of the MRRD termed such meetings very important toward the coordination between the related entities. Also he said that Community Development Councils and District Development Assemblies known as reliable entities in the village and district levels shall help the World Food Program (WFP) in distribution of relief packages to natural and un-natural disaster victims.