Thu, Oct

Regional cooperation vital to peace: Tanin


TaninProtecting the rights of all citizens remains a fundamental priority for the government in Kabul, the Afghan ambassador to the United Nations told the UN Security Council on Monday.


He said: “As we move toward the end of transition this year, it is fundamental to Afghanistan's stability that its neighbours and countries in the region play their role in contributing to peace and security.
Zahir Tanin added: “It is clear the prosperity and security of all countries in the region are deeply interlinked and therefore my government continues to strengthen networks of regional cooperation through multilateral processes such as the Istanbul Process as well as bilateral efforts.”

“Regional cooperation is also essential to peace and reconciliation, and related outreach to the Taliban and other groups that continue to fight against the government,” Tanin said.
He described the April 5 presidential elections as an historic event, marking the first peaceful transition of power through a democratic process. “Moreover, a legitimate political transition is essential to our efforts to secure a brighter future.”

After decades of war, Afghans had worked hard to build a new foundation for progress in their country, the diplomat said, stressing long-term cooperation of the international community for successful transition and development of the country.

The Afghan people, as demonstrated by the Consultative Loya Jirga of November 2013, believe in the importance of continuing strategic relations with the United States, NATO and the wider international community.

Source: Pajhwok