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Karzai: The Enemies Want Our Country to Remain Unstable and Destitute


karzai-09-13President Hamid Karzai strongly condemned the terrorist attack carried out on Thursday on Kabul Serena Hotel that left 9 civilians dead and 6 others wounded.

According to the Ministry of Interior, women and children, including 5 Afghans and 4 foreigners are among those killed in the incident.
Denouncing the terrorist attack, President Karzai said, “This evil and inhuman act is carried out by the enemies of the people of Afghanistan, who do not want durable security and stability in our country.”
The President described such attacks as failed efforts by foreigners who want Afghanistan to remain unstable and destitute.
President Karzai said that the attack on Serena hotel is similar to the attack on the Lebanese restaurant in Kabul, carried out for foreign ends and interests, but whose victims are, regretfully, innocent civilians including women and children.
The President praised the quick response by the Afghan security forces who bravely eliminated the terrorists and prevented further casualties by saving lives of dozens of people who were in the hotel.
President Karzai offers his deepest condolences and sympathies to the families of the victims and wishes rapid recovery for the wounded.

Source: Office of the president