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The third batch of Audit Training project completed


Audit-TrainingThe graduation ceremony for completing successfully the third cycle of Audit Training Project and starting fourth cycle conducted by Audit Training Project (ATP) under Public Financial Management Reform Project of World Bank was held on March 23, 2014 in Mashal private University.

The ATP Training programme was entirely conducted & monitored by Internal Audit Department (IAD) of Ministry of Finance (MoF) with financial assistance of World Bank. The IAD has initiated several such capacity building programmes and Audit Training Project is a major programme amongst them.

Mr. Elhamudin Mazhar DG of Internal Audit Department thanked the teachers of Mashal University and the World Bank for cooperation extended for this programme and said. We have discussion with the World Bank and the Ministry of Education to extend the duration from six months to one year and to be given an official diploma for the graduates of ATP.

Mr. Musa Kamavee HRD Director highlighted the importance of technical courses like ATP and appreciated IAD for their lead role in successfully carrying out this project. He described the responsibilities of IAD to monitor and evaluate internal and external financial and other affairs of the ministry.

Mr. Abdul Baqi Tamim, ATP Senior Administrator, described the third cycle of ATP Training programme. He gave a figure of 53 students from 13 line ministries and Independent Directorate of Government, who have successfully completed the third batch of ATP Training. He highlighted the importance of course stating ATP as a widely demanding course in the field of auditing and accounting. He also thanked the World Bank for their cooperation in this regard.

At the end of programme, best performance awards and certificates were distributed to the graduated students.

Source: MoF