Sat, Oct

Former defence minister passes away


Abdul-QadirFormer defence minister of Afghanistan, Gen. Abdul Qadir, has been died on Tuesday after protracted illness in Kabul, an official said.

Qadir was under treatment at Sardar Muhammad Daud Khan hospital, the defence ministry spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Zahir Azimi, tweeted.
Political commentator, Abdul Rauf Lewal, said Qadir was born to landlord family in the Barna village of Ghoryan district of western Herat province.  

He was graduated from military school in Kabul and became pilot after completing his education at the air force faculty, Lewal said.
Qadir played vital role in a bloody coup staged against ex-president Sardar Muhammad Daud Khan. At the time, the presidential palace was bombarded by both Qadir and Asadullah Sarwari.

Qadir had been jailed during the Taraki regime. He was appointed as defence minister during Babrak Karmal rule.